Roasters Guild Executive Council Election Call for Nominations

Dear Roasters Guild Member,

I’m writing to discuss some updates to our election process. In the Roasters Guild, as with any election (is there another election going on right now?) it is important to make your voice heard and exercise your right as a member to vote.

As our community has grown, the Roasters Guild Executive Council (RGEC) responsibilities have evolved, including several responsibilities with the SCAA Expo in April. Our current RGEC have decided to move the election process earlier in the year so that newly-elected RGEC members can plan travel for the Expo including their RGEC responsibilities. In years past, our elections have concluded in March of each year, which meant that many newly-elected RGEC members had to change travel plans or in some cases were not able to participate fully. 

You will be receiving information via email and social media about how to vote as well as biographies of the candidates pursuing election to the RGEC. Please note that the service terms are not changing, rather we are simply electing the candidates a few months earlier than we have in years past. Terms will still be 2-year terms and will start with the Expo. Council-elect members may have the option to participate in other activities with RGEC in the meantime to improve onboarding and participation in the early days, which can be a bit overwhelming for new council members. 

Furthermore, we believe that with additional time to plan travel, RGEC participation will be more inclusive to multiple geographies or company sizes. With the recent member votes to unify SCAA, SCAE, and WCE, this is more important perhaps than ever before. The Roasters Guild has, since its inception, been a multicultural organization and this will only continue. We hope that this change to the election timeline helps to encourage more participation from more members in more geographies.

We want our focus as RGEC to be on YOU, the RG member, not on struggling with logistics of how to attend a meeting on short notice. We believe this new election timeline will improve our ability to keep member value at the center of our motivation.

If you are interested in serving the Guild in this capacity or know someone who would make a great addition to the Executive Council, we encourage you to submit your nominations here.

Warm regards,


Mary Tellie
Chair, Roasters Guild Executive Council