2016 Roasters Guild Executive Council Election Results

The Roasters Guild Elections have closed and the results are in!

We would like to welcome our newest members Dani Goot and Rob Hoos, as well as returning council members Bill Anstedt and Nolan Dutton. The new members of the Executive Council will take office in April at The SCAA Expo in Atlanta, GA. Please see below to learn more about your new and returning council members! (To view current Executive Council members, please click here.)

Bill Anstedt, Caribou Coffee Company

Bill’s introduction into coffee was almost accidental. Especially, since before working at Caribou, Bill was not much of a coffee drinker. What began just as a routine employment search has evolved into a lifelong passion for coffee, and all of its nuances. In 1997 Bill began working with Caribou in the packaging department. His inquisitive nature and interest in every part of the process developing the final product was noticed and rewarded with his first roasting team position, green coffee blending. Caribou did 90% of their blending by hand at the time, and almost every bag weighed more than Bill. Ok they still weigh more than Bill. Bill’s continued dedication to product quality has led him to his current role as a Roast Technician. Today the majority of Bill’s responsibilities are centered on roasting and product QC.

Nolan Dutton, Ozo Coffee Roasters

Nolan Dutton is the head roaster and green buyer for Ozo Coffee Roasters. Nolan has a constant pursuit of knowledge and the sharing of ideas as a driving force behind everything he does. Believing we are here for community and growth, he roasts to highlight the hard work of the farmers who produce the coffee we all share and love. He currently teaches classes at SCAA Expo and RG Retreat, and is the chair of the Roasters Guild Education Committee.

Rob Hoos, Rob Hoos Coffee Consulting / Nossa Familia Coffee

Rob Hoos is an independent coffee roasting consultant as well as the director of coffee for Nossa Familia Coffee. He is also the author of the book "Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee: One Roaster's Manifesto." Rob feels lucky because coffee was a passion of his first, and now he is fortunate enough to work at something he loves every day. He is a SCAA Specialized Lead Instructor for Roaster Level 1 & 2 as well as a member of the RG Education Committee. He also serves as a subject matter expert for the SCAA.

Dani Goot, Bay Area CoRoasters

Since 1993, Dani has been involved within the coffee industry as a knowledgeable coffee roaster, QC specialist, barista, retail marketer / merchandiser, operations director, brand developer, educator, production manager, community builder, and positive communicator. He has successfully developed several coffee brands and continues to support the community at large to succeed with their projects. Currently, Dani is The Director of Operations at Bay Area CoRoasters (CoRo) in which he is directly involved with the ongoing development of the shared coffee roasting and QC lab space. He also consults within all aspects of the coffee industry and works toward building a community that supports each other.