Regional Roaster Groups: Mapping the Future of the Roasting Community

How do I connect with other roasters in my area? 

This was a question that came up during the Roasters Guild (RG) meeting during the SCAA Expo in April. Since then, your Executive Council, the Membership & Communications Committee and the SCAA have been hard at work. We've all been working to help develop an easy way to find, and connect, to other roasters in your area.

We are currently working on the development of a map that is designed to show the roasting community at a glance. Each member will be represented as a dot in their postal code area, (no personal information will be shared on this map, although members can access fellow members in the online directory in the member portal). With this map, Roasters Guild members will be able to see how many other roasters are located in their area.

The other aspect of this map that we are excited about is the inclusion of Regional Roaster Groups. While groups do not have to be open only to roasters, the person registering must be a member of the Roasters Guild. These groups will be displayed on the map, along with key information for fellow members to view. 

If you're interested in learning more about how to create a Regional Roaster Group, check out our recent Trierside Chat with a few experts on this subject.

By registering your Regional Roaster Group, you will also be eligible for resources and funds for the events that your group hosts! Please email for more information.

With the creation of the Roasters Guild Membership Map, we hope to provide more resources to keep our members connected with each other.