Roasters Guild Membership Benefits

By Adrienne Blasky

Many times I am asked the question, “What are the benefits of being a Roasters Guild member?” While the RG events and educational opportunities are at the top of my list, there are a few benefits that often get passed over by our members. I myself am guilty of not fully utilizing the resources provided by the RG. When I sat down with the SCAA team to discuss what benefits are available to us as RG members, I was surprised by what I didn’t know.

Here are some of the new and old benefits offered with your membership:


In addition to the RG and SCAA stores and events, members receive a 20% discount through The Created Co., a drinkware company that offers custom products for your roasteries, shops and events.

Coffee & Cocoa International Subscription

As a member, you have the option to receive a year subscription to this publication. When you register, a link is emailed for you to opt in. Coffee & Cocoa International publishes three issues a year, and is a $162 value.

Health Insurance

RG members have access to Rainprotection Insurance*, a web insurance marketplace that helps find plans available to them. You can compare rates for individual and group plans. There is also a pharmacy card available through the plans.

* This is not an insurance plan, but rather a platform that assists in the search.

Member Driven Events (MDE)

Have you ever wondered where you can find events? Or perhaps you have wanted to host something, but haven’t known where to start? The RG can help with both! Events are published on the website. If you are interested in hosting, the RG can provide event templates and support. 

Submit your own MDE.

Member Map

The RG meets in person a handful of times each year. We recognize that a large draw to the organization is being able to network with roasters all over the world. The new member map shows you were members are located (without providing personal details), AND it also shows you if there is a registered group in your area. 

National Coffee Association Career Center

As an RG member, you have access to NCA job postings, as well as the ability to post open positions within your business. 


A variety of SCA Reports are available through your digital library when you become an RG member. You can find reports on industry compensation, the economics of the supply chain, and much more.