Trierside Chat: Unification | September 28th


Join us for the next Trierside Chat on September 28, 2016 at 2PM PDT as we discuss what the SCAA/SCAE Unification means for the Roasters Guild and its members moving forward. Stream the conversation at and join the conversation by asking questions on Twitter by tagging #RoastersGuild.

Panelists for this Trierside Chat will be Roasters Guild Executive Council chair Mary Tellie, vice chair of the communications committee Andi Trindle-Mersch, and communications committee member Adrienne Blasky, as well as Sonja Grant of the Roaster Guild of Europe working group, and SCAE's guild manager Isa Verschraegen and guild coordinator Hanna Davies, and SCAA's Director of Professional Development and Director of Special Projects on Unification Ellie Hudson.

We hope you'll tune in live and participate by asking questions. The future of the Roasters Guild is dependent on the involvement of our community - we want to hear from you!