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The Roasters Guild's Roaster Certificate Program recognizes specialty roasters who achieve a high degree of skill and excellence in roasting, across three levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Master Level. Certificate courses are offered at two primary annual events: The SCAA Event and Roasters Guild Retreat, and internationally throughout the year through SCAA International Partners. Please check the SCAA Events Page for the most up to date information on course offerings.

Roasters Guild educational courses focus on a variety of topics and issues relevant to today's marketplace and business demands. Course subjects range from the practical (identifying defects, plant safety, green coffee processing) to the scientific (sensory science, heat transfer & thermodynamics, Particle Size Analysis). Roasters who commit to a course of study in the Roasters Guild certification program can expect to expand their knowledge of the craft across many subject areas and achieve both personal and professional recognition among their peers.

To learn more about the opportunities for education and certification currently offered, view our course descriptions and program overview by clicking the links to the right.

Important Updates to Roaster Certificate Program
Changes go into effect January 2014

In order to maintain a Certificate program that evolves with the changing best practices in the industry, the Roasters Guild has updated the requirements for the Level 1 and Level 2 Roasting Certificate. The Roasters Guild Certification Panel (RGCP) worked with industry professionals to determine the essential knowledge and skills needed to perform on the job, and the updated curriculum is designed specifically for these skills.

The updated Roaster Level 1 curriculum contains the most essential information and skills that demonstrate a professional roaster’s competence. The Roaster Level 2 curriculum builds on Level 1 to meet more advanced competencies in roasting, coffee quality, tasting and purchasing.

Please use this chart to help decide how to complete the Level 1 certificate. This year will be transitional for candidates in process of completing Level 1 or Level 2 requirements. A fair and transparent system for credit requests and appeals is on the Roasters Guild website to ease the curriculum changeover and ensure all qualified roasting professionals are recognized with the certificate that they have earned.

Please be reminded, however, that the Accelerated Track Test-Out program will end on December 31, 2013 without exception. Those who have not tested out by that date will be required to attend the full course to receive a certificate.

Apply for Certification

Have you completed the requirements for your Level 1, Level 2 or Master Level Certificate? You can see all of your education credits listed in your SCAA online profile. Once you have logged in to your profile, click My Professional Development and you will see a list of the courses you have attended and for which you have received credit. If your online profile is missing one or more Education Credits for a class you have taken at a past SCAA event, please complete the Request for Education Credit Form to identify any credits that you believe are missing.

A very important part of your certification is the Roasting Log requirement. This log is designed to demonstrate that the attendee has been 'hands on' using a roaster. The Roasters Guild Roast Log Template is available here. If you have completed your Roast Log, please fill out the Roast Log Submission Form.

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