Silent Auction

Location:Lake Lawn Resort, Delavan, Wisconsin
Dates:August 27-30, 2015

Official Host Sponsor:

"Get two roasters in a room and a spirited conversation begins."

-Volume 1, The Flamekeeper, 1999

Ever since the first annual Roasters Guild Retreat was held a decade ago, the annual Retreat has been a source of coffee roaster kinship and shared efforts towards a deeper appreciation and understanding of the craft of roasting. Roasters from around the world gather annually to renew friendships, discuss pressing industry issues and work together to find solutions.

Education and open discussion of issues has always been at the core of Retreat, but RG members have also found great value in networking and the camaraderie with fellow roasters over an open bonfire with a cold drink in hand. This is the reason the annual retreat has become such a coveted event in the coffee roasting industry: It is the perfect environment for cultivating both professional excellence and affinity between attendees.

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